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    Sex - Male
  • Ethnicity - Caucasian
  • Traits - Ambitious, Rude, Reliable, Daring, Secretive, and Arrogant
  • Eccentricities - Scar on his right cheek, obsession with stealing anything he finds, odd sense of humor, and curiosity towards anything he sees.
  • Hair Color & Eye Color - Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair
  • Age - 27
  • Skills - Thievery
  • Flaws - Acts too quickly in situations, Not to smart, but has common sense, Deep Sleeper, Reputation for stealing from the rich and burning down random houses, overconfident, and being a Daredevil at any siuation.
  • History - Nothing is known of this man, yet reports say he is a time traveller, though none have been proven fact anymore. Sidd is a mysterious man in the case that he spies on many people and strays from using his full name and using his nickname Ace alot. Sidd has said he was born in Puebla, Mexico in May 6, 1812, but many believe he is false. None know who Sidd really is or what his actions are doing, but all everyone knows is that he is a Wanted Man for robbing many and burning down Buildings.