• Sherlock-Holmes 1542504c
    Ethnicity: Eastern European Caucasian
  • Traits: Intelligence, Generally Hopeful, Polite
  • Eccentricities: His normally brown hair has a bleached blonde area, the result of a chemical accident.
  • Hair: Brown (Except for what is previously mentioned), Short, Straight.
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Age: 28
  • Skills: Aptitude for mechanics, mainly repair work and small construction. Able to use a switchblade with moderate efficiency. Can also read faces exceptionally well.
  • Flaws: Stubborn, Sarcastic, Self-centered, Doesn't show his emotions very well. Tends to build up rage for large amounts of time.
  • Bio: Edward Hurlington, a Ukrainian immigrant from the city of Donetsk. From an early age, he was taught by a mechanic father how to work with machines of all sizes. Because his father was a mechanic, he and his family were generally slightly more well-off than most neighbors. Many of his classmates resented him for this, causing the young Edward to be forced into learning how to defend himself effectively. Before long, however, Edward's family departed for a nation nearer to the West, eventually managing to flee to Italy through Albania. Edward maintained a reverence for the land of his youth, maintaining a lust to return. Therefore, he seldom associates himself to any of his homes, seeing them as temporary. Edward, out of his youth, decided to follow the footsteps of his father and become a mechanic as well, travelling to London to practice his craft. Upon arriving, he chose a more English name, nearly forgetting the one that he once knew. There he now resides, occasionally traveling abroad to expositions of the newest mechanical engineering across Europe and the Americas.