• SarahKerrigan SC2 Head2
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
  • Traits: Bright, Chipper, Flirtatious, Loyal
  • Eccentricities: Her left eyebrow is permanately singed off. Freckles lightly on her face from left cheekbone to right.
  • Hair: Long, Red, Straight.
  • Eyes: Bright Green
  • Age: 19
  • Skills: Very handy with explosives and a rifle.
  • Flaws: Headstrong and stubborn. Tends to babble on about nonsensical things. Very bad with a knife or in melee in general.
  • History: Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland to a mother in the IRA. Her father was killed by blacks and tans under suspiscion of his wife being a IRA member. Learned about explosives from her mother claiming she was going to take the family trade and "Fight back against those bastard wankers who took her father". Moved to Dublin when the IRA standdown happened. She moved to Paris a week later hearing about rumors to fight back against a government. Wanting to put her skills to use and the thrill of being a resistance member she boarded a plane without a second thought.