This RP will be based on The Twilight Zone, which will have stories crossing over and creating shared plot elements , similar to how Marvel is doing it with their Marvel Cinematic Universe. [STARCRAFT 2 ONLY]


  • 1: Be as realistic as possible, and don't try to play a demi-god here, come on we're RPing as average people.
  • 2: Care more about your character, not his/her stats and such, and your character can't be a god either
  • 3: If you get mad that something didn't go your way, don't such mass hyperions and rage quit, tell us what needs to be changed or deal with it.
  • 4: Try not to have a Mary Sue, unless you can't think of anything "Unique".
  • 5: Remember, the actions your character make will change and influence the story entirely.
  • 6: If you use your spawner and see a monster up ahead, make your character act like he/she doesn't know that there is anything/anyone up ahead.
  • 7: Don't ruin the story or do Deus Ex Machina such as when your character is almost dead, all of a sudden, he/she gains magical powers and destroys everything in the area.
  • 8: Post your Character's name, attitude, ethnicity, sex, and such on this forum to make sure everyone knows who's who. [You may have or use more than one character if you like.]
  • 9: Unit/Hero Max Life are 115 or below, building stats are 1000 and below, other/air units are 500 or below, Energy/mana is 250 and below, damage is 10 and below, scale of units will be 1.0 and below unless otherwise, and @weaponspeed of units will be .8 and up, no higher than those stats.
  • 10: Heroes will have under them Beacon_TerranSmall, Units/Monsters will have Zerg_BeaconSmall, and NPC/Narrator will have Beacon_ProtossSmall in order to stop confusion. [No levels though as in @addbehavior levels, that's a no no.]
  • The stories will be split into 2 Acts
  • Act I : Illusion in the Names
  • and Act II : Anarchism
  • Act I: Illusion in the Names
  • Plot Points
  • I: The Sewers of Decay
  • II: The Mysteries of the Shapeshifter
  • III: Total War
  • IV: Insidious Ways
  • V: Blasphemy
  • VI: Occultism
  • VII: Reminiscence
  • Act II: Anarchism

Plot Points

  • I : Words of Choice
  • II:
  • III:
  • IV:
  • V:
  • VI:
  • VII:

  • [We will add more Acts later on]

  • Act I : Plot Point I : The Sewers of Decay
  • Set in 2012 Paris, where Corruption has taken it's toll in politics, you are one of the few citizens rebelling against this Oppressed Government. You begin under Paris, where the The Main sewage system is at. You and a group of others must find their way out and deal with the government before it's to late. There are plot twists, Urban legends and mythological monsters, and Survival to it. Your main objective is to find a way out before the government closes down the entire sewage system and you become trapped forever. There will be many blockades and passages blocked by Monsters of Myth and Legend. You will have to deal with these monsters or find another way out, your choice.
  • This is the first Plot Point, after we finish Plot Point I, we will start onto Plot Point II and so on.
  • The Story of France's Corruption - After horrid incidents such as the 1995 Paris Metro bombing and the May 2012 bombings of the Eiffel Tower, this led to the decision with France to become a Totalitarian Police State and watch every citizen's life to make sure no bombings and/or attacks ever happen again, But Paris had a problem, that was that the citizen's would riot and complain that they need more rights instead of being watched and obeying every single rule. This group of rioters became known as The Syndicate, in which they would burn down every government building now and then. When the Syndicate found a Bomb full of poisonous gas planted under Paris in the Sewage systems, they had one choice, and that was to destroy it. After much hard work,The Syndicate finally disarmed the bomb, yet when they did, a Government spy who was working as a double-agent suddenly threw a pulled out a grenade and lit up the sewers, releasing the gas. After the incident happened, France started to notice noxious yellow gas appearing from the sewers, and started closing down the entire sewers. The Syndicate tried to stop the government from closing down the sewers to try and save their men and women, but to no avail. The Syndicate then sent a group of men and women to go and see what happened to their members and find out what this gas is. You are one of them.
  • Act I : Plot Point II : Mysteries of The Shapeshifter
  • After the horrid events that many have seen in the Paris Sewage System, the Syndicate Search Party that was sent to investigate were sent back in time to change history by a mysterious demon named Caretaker Uhz'rin. The Search party have landed on a mysterious forest next to a town called Delshire, Massachusetts. There these Syndicate members learn to find out that the town has been afraid of a mysterious shapeshifter known only by Jalrish that has been terrorizing the town and consuming many townsfolks. The town has set up a court case every day on each individual to see who is the shapeshifter, though none of the cases proved to have the shapeshifter. The search party has now been labeled witches and heretics and even whores for coming to the town with modern technology. You and many others have been convicted and are being sent to a court case one by one. You and your search party must find out who is the shapeshifter and why is he or she terrorizing the town and put an end to this once and for all, or play the shapeshifter and consume the new folks that landed in town and mess with the town even more until you finish your plans. The date is January 15, 1856 and this will not be a very kind year to have.