Apocalyptic War Mask by Ezmo X
June 8, 2027 - After many years of searching for the right planet after Earth was destroyed in an apocalypse, Humanity has finally found it. What came to be known as the Astraeus Sector in the Sagittarius Constellation sparked many new cultures and ways of life, yet as many humans thrived there, there was a dark secret kept by many.

December 19, 2043 - Humanity's first official contact with aliens was on one of the Birth Ships that searched for the planets called Aliggon, in which the officials kept illegal crates containing aliens that would later be known as "Erec'us" or some would rather say, Vampires. When one the the watch guards heard noises and checked in the supply room, he found what seemed to be noises and banging on some of the crates, but as he opened them, he found too late that opening the crates were a mistake. As the vampires plunged towards him, the man pulled a pistol from his pocket and committed suicide in fear. As the ship was finally plagued and overthrown by the vampires, a second race came. This second race came to be known as "The Grimnl" for their Grim Reaper-like appearance. The Grimnl proceded with their giant white crystal ships and sent down waves of blue energy heat at the ship, and destroyed of the ship, or so thought. After the much fear of being annihilated by these two aliens, the many split factions came and formed the Talchen Republic, a much needed military force and government that was need for years. Now, the Erec'us, The Grimnl, and The Talchen Republic now wage a constant war against each other in which this apocalyptic war would soon be called "Tallum", or "The Apocalyptic Wars" in Talchen tongue.

June 16, 2072 - The Wars continue and three worlds have already been destroyed, yet as Tallum continues, more and more alien races thrive and die, creating new diverse ecosystems and causing more difficulties and adding new strategies of warfare.