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The Supernatural powers challenge even the most advanced technology in the way that every type of magic the Valrin use is unqiue.

Ranorthil Magic - This magic is of the highest of purity and Ranorthil keeps the balance between dark magics and light magics. The color of Ranorthil Magic is yellow and glows with electricity streaming.

Symbiotis Magic - The dark necromantic and horrorific powers of Symbiotis consumes those who abuse it's power. The color of Symbiotis is green with acids streaming which can destroy even the mightiest of armor. Only those who can handle corruption and destroy it inside themselves are allowed to use it.

Jhinrin Magic - The balance between Symbiotis and Ranorthil Magic, this magic is that of Neutrality and Balance in it's sense that it is neither bad or good. The color of Jhinrin Magic is Blue with clouds of teal covering it. Only those of Neutrality and Balance may weild and use these powers.